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Goals of the Heritage Rose Foundation
  •  The collection of roses originating in the nineteenth century or earlier and roses with particular historic, educational, or genetic value (heritage roses).

  •   The establishment of one or more gardens wherein heritage roses may be grown and displayed.

  •   The advancement of research and investigations into heritage roses, including history, identification, genetics and breeding, propagation, diseases and pests, and suitability for landscape use.

  •   The publishing and dissemination of information about heritage roses, including any and all research that emanates from the foundation.

  •   The establishment and maintenance of a library of books, periodicals, research papers, manuscripts, catalogues, and other items to facilitate further research and investigation into heritage roses.

  •   The establishment of public knowledge of heritage roses through seminars, meetings, forums, panels, lectures, tours and exhibits designed to encourage and increase the public's perception of heritage roses.


The Heritage Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses.
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