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"We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion." - Friedrich Hegel, 1770-1831


     We start with Mr. Hegel's quote because it embodies so much of what the Heritage Rose Foundation and old-rose preservation is about. With passion there is commitment and this is not only evident in our trustees, but many of the members of this organization as well as avid gardeners and collectors. We continue to get letters from individuals wanting to save a family rose, acquire information about a particular old rose or simply to offer their assistance for future endeavors with old roses. More and more people are embracing our goals for preservation, research and distribution.
     One of the most exciting proposals to come from the board meeting in 2002 is a relationship that the HRF will establish with specific gardens, nurseries, botanical centers, etc., to promote repositories of old garden roses in different locations. These agreements will help insure that roses across the world may have a climatically and regionally appropriate home where they can be collected, preserved and researched.
     Until these relationships are established, the future of preservation is entirely dependent on the few individuals who are willing to grow and pass them on to future generations, which, sadly, has had limited success. These plants are horticultural gems, living antiques, with interesting histories and diverse genetics. Our charge must be to make it our legacy to provide our grandchildren with the same pleasure of knowing these roses just as we have.
     We are encouraged as we have had a productive year rebuilding and solidifying our mission with an active board and growing membership, yet anxious as much still needs to be accomplished in attaining the goals outlined in our purposes. In this uncertain time, saving roses and gardening is certainly something to feel good about.

     We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you whether to answer your questions, give advice, or just be a voice for the old roses.

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