Rosa Mundi

Rosa Mundi was the official journal of the Heritage Rose Foundation for many year. Portions of the journal are published on this website and are copyrighted by the Heritage Rose Foundation. 


Individual print copies of the journal are available for sale.


Old Rose Survivors — Wild and Untamed  -  2014

A special issue of Rosa Mundi that embodies the mission of the Heritage Rose Foundation; to educate the public about old roses and the importance of preserving them. Old roses and their ancient ancestors, the wild roses, are the subjects of this anthology of writings by botanists, scientists and old rose lovers and researchers around the world. We may think of scientific writing as dry and detailed, but these scientists are passionate about roses, and their quests for knowledge of the wild ancestors of old roses make for delightful reading. From botany to rose rustling, the mysteries surrounding wild roses, found roses and the roses we all grow in our gardens unfold before us, enriching our understanding of these great heirloom plants! Old Rose Survivors — Wild and Untamed, is being mailed our to HRF members in early February, 2014. Additional copies may now be ordered on the Heritage Rose Foundation website. You will want to own more than one copy because you won't be able to resist sharing it with an old rose friend.

#12 Rosa Mundi volume 24, number 1, spring/summer 2010
#11 Rosa Mundi volume 23, number 2, autumn 2009/spring 2010


#10 Rosa Mundi volume 23, number 1, spring/summer 2009
#9 Rosa Mundi volume 22, number 3, spring/summer 2008
#8 Rosa Mundi volume 22, number 2, winter 2008
#7 Rosa Mundi volume 22, number 1, autumn 2007
#6 Rosa Mundi volume 21, number 3, spring/summer 2007
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#5 Rosa Mundi volume 21, number 2, winter 2007
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#4 Rosa Mundi volume 21, number 1, autumn 2006
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#3 Rosa Mundi volume 20, number 3, spring/summer 2006
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#2 Rosa Mundi volume 20, number 2, winter 2006
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#1 Rosa Mundi volume 20, number 1, autumn 2005
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