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Heritage Rose Foundation Partnerships

The Heritage Rose Foundation, recognizing that it will be stronger and better able to fulfill its mission when it works together with partners who share its goals, mission, and purpose, is actively seeking partnerships with nurseries, businesses, publishers, organizations, libraries, colleges, universities, and other entities. Partners that appreciate the goals of the Foundation and want to support its mission may contribute at two levels. Contributions are tax deductible:

Silver Partners—donations to the HRF in amounts of $100 or more


Gold Partners—donations to the HRF of $500 or more


HRF Partners may also contribute in-kind donations in lieu of funds. In-kind donations might include plants for one of the HRF Collection Gardens, books or periodicals that can benefit members and potential members, exchanges of publishing space for advertising or articles of mutual interest, benefits in the form of discounts or other concessions for HRF members, or other creative ways of benefiting the Heritage Rose Foundation.


The Partnership Program is an annual renewal program; contributions under the HRF Partnership Program are for one year. Partners receive recognition in Rosa Mundi and on the Foundation’s website, and a one-year complimentary subscription to Rosa Mundi, the acclaimed official publication of the Heritage Rose Foundation.


Please contact HRF President Stephen Scanniello to develop an HRF PARTNERSHIP. We will find a way for you to support the Heritage Rose Foundation that will be mutually beneficial to your organization.

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