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2007 Conference - Petaluma, CA

Madam President

A One-Day Symposium on the Future of Heritage Roses 


Sunday, October 21st, 2007 from 9am to 4:45 pm

In the Rose Fields at Garden Valley Ranch

498 Pepper Road, Petaluma, California


Photos & more information (pdf)

Article as appearing in Rosa Mundi (pdf)


Three distinguished women leaders in the world of roses spoke about old roses, gardens, rose people, and their journeys in seeking a better world through plants. They were presented by three women leaders of the Heritage Rose Foundation; Victoria Irwin, Betty Vickers and Maureen Detweiler,


Odile Masquelier – France, President and founder of Anciennes Roses enFrance


Ann Bird – England, President of the Royal National Rose Society


Marilyn Wellan – America, Past President of the American Rose Society

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