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Gifts to the Heritage Rose Foundation

As with most non-profit organizations, the Heritage Rose Foundation finds that membership and subscriptions to Rosa Mundi are not adequate to cover the costs of publishing it. Rosa Mundi has been lauded as "a treasure" and "the most important rose periodical in publication today.” It is a major focus of the HRF, and our major expense. If you have seen this beautiful rose journal, you will agree that it is vitally important to continue Rosa Mundi in the same quality we have come to expect. It delivers rich, in-depth articles about heritage roses while fulfilling the vital mission of the Heritage Rose Foundation.


Heritage Rose Foundation donors may contribute as FRIENDS, PATRONS or BENEFACTORS. We hope you will join this important group of supporters, and of course, we will appreciate and acknowledge donations in any amount.


The Heritage Rose Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Therefore, all contributions and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Please mail your donation to:


Heritage Rose Foundation

P. O. Box 1719

Gonzales, LA 70707


or click here to view special Levels of Giving and to contribute online.

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