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Tracing Our Rose Heritage: Discovering our Roots!

Conference of the Heritage Rose Foundation
Lakeland Florida, November 14-17, 2013


Join us for a weekend conference on the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright campus of Florida Southern College. In addition to a great lineup of speakers, our featured speaker for the Saturday evening dinner will be Etienne Bouret, "Ten Years of Rose Preservation in France".


A welcoming reception sponsored by FSC President, Dr. Anne Kerr. 


Friday, November 15

  • Bus Tour: Rose Petals Nursery, Dudley Farm State Historic Park (an 1880's restored farm with original buildings, heritage animals, and very old rose plants), and a beautiful private garden. This includes a picnic lunch and fabulous homemade deserts.


Saturday, November 16 / Sunday, November 17

  • Identifying Heritage Roses with Modern Methods - Dr. Nancy Morvillo (FSC Faculty), FSC students, and students from the New York High School for Environmental Studies

  • Documenting and Preserving the Roses in Richmond, Virginia's Hollywood Cemetery - Connie Hilker 

  • Preserving Historic Roses at Monticello - Peggy Cornett

  • Breeding the Heritage Roses of the Future - Mike Shoup


Other Events:

  • "Heritage Rose Invitational Display": attendees are invited to bring in their heritage roses for display and identification. All known, "mystery" and found roses will be displayed in a non-competitive bench. Bud vases are recommended.

  • Rose Shadow Box Displays: From our friends in the Bermuda Rose Society

  • ROSE SALE!: A fundraiser for HRF and FSC, a selection of roses propagated at FSC, including virus-free plants 

  • Roses for Sale from Angel Gardens Nursery, 8-2:30

  • The "unveiling" of the newly created rose garden on the FSC campus: designed by HRF President Stephen Scanniello. 

  • Saturday Evening Live Auction: rare roses, rose books, antique prints, and other treasures. Stephen Scanniello, auctioneer.

  • Tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus


Rose vendor for Lakeland conference: 
Angel Gardens
Pam Greenwald - Alachua, FL
(352) 359-1133
Preorders welcome
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